Impressing the Tsakona Bridge

It is the second largest bridge in Greece in terms of opening after the Rio-Antirion bridge and is one of the world’s largest arched bridges. In February 2003, a major landslide took place on the New National Road of Tripoli – Kalamata, resulting in the movement of territorial masses causing the destruction of the road. The new project comes to “bridle”, that is, to pass over this surface and for this reason is one of the most difficult projects, since it actually hangs over the point of landslide. Source: Tsakona, one of the world’s largest arched bridges in the heart of the Peloponnese

The bridge is 390 meters long and consists of two “openings”, 90 meters. and 300m. The first opening rests on the ground almost like the “classic” bridges. In the second and largest segment, the carriageway is “hung” by two steel bows (connected to each other), which bridge the point that slid. The large opening of the arc, combined with work on particularly loose ground, has led to the interest of educational institutions from abroad (such as the Imperial College of London), which are conducting educational excursions to the area to visit it. “Apart from the Rio-Antirion bridge, there is no arched bridge of this length, built under such conditions. This bridge gives glamor to the motorway and is proof of the level of Greek engineers.